Three Fundamental Survival Tips

March 10, 2022

Disasters rarely come with prior warning to give people ample time to prepare for their impact. Being prepared for all kinds of disasters is essential to staying alive and well in their occurrence. With an increasing number of natural disasters, the pandemic, and the threat of war, more people are considering how to ready themselves for when the SHTF. While covering everything you would need to prepare would take books worth of explanation, here are some essential tips and concepts to help you get started.

So, what are the absolute basics of survival? They fundamentally revolve around staying fed, hydrated and warm.

Essential Gear

Whether a disaster would lead you to bunker up at home without electricity and gas or out in the wilderness somewhere, having the right gear is a necessity. Multi-purpose tools are handy equipment that can aid in various situations. Other essential survival gear includes a water filter or survival straw, flint for starting fires, camping gear, and lightweight cooking gear.

Get Familiar With DIY

Simply having the gear is not enough to get you through survival situations. It also helps to know how to use it for a wide range of needs. Getting familiar with outdoor DIY can increase your chances of survival by a large proportion. It might be helpful to read and learn more about creating make-shift shelters, building fires, and making effective animal traps.

Staying Warm

Whether at home or outdoors, staying warm is paramount to survival. Having a camping stove that can heat your house or campsite while also enabling you to cook would significantly contribute to your probability of survival in a dire situation. You might also consider insulating your home better or learning how to use blankets and other thick cloth items as insulation. As long as you have a way to heat water, hot water bottles can provide sufficient heating for one person, so it helps to have a few of them around.

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