Six Essential Survival Skills

March 10, 2023

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the “unthinkable” can definitely happen. From pandemics, natural disasters, unidentified flying objects looming in the sky, and more, we need to be always ready. 

Though survival skills are especially useful in dire circumstances, they are also useful in simple, unexpected situations, such as getting lost on a bike ride or losing power for an extended period. Keep reading to discover some essential survival skills for basically any situation. 

First Aid
Keep your first aid kit in your grab bag so you can deal with whatever emergencies pop up. Make sure your bag has gloves, blister treatment, gauze, bandages, medications, etc. 

Building a shelter helps you stay warm and dry no matter the circumstances. In urban areas, cardboard boxes, awnings, and other materials can be used. In more remote areas, look for caves or hollow spaces that can block the wind. Tarps easily anchor to one side, stretch down to the ground, and secure with stones. Better yet, include a small tent in your grab bag. 

Another essential tool for your grab bag is a firestarter. Use small pieces of wood, pine needles, or cardboard to act as kindling. Once the fire is going, use larger pieces to keep it blazing. Ensure your fire is built downwind from your shelter, away from surrounding vegetation. 

Since water is heavy to carry, it can be challenging to bring in a grab bag. However, sterilizing/filter kits are an effortless way to ensure your water is purified and free of bacteria, parasites, and viruses. If you don’t have a kit or filter, boiling water is the easiest way to remove harmful components. 

Food is essential and can be difficult to find in dire situations. Find a field guide to edible plants in your region. Never eat mushrooms or berries that look suspicious, and never put any unknown plant in or near your mouth, as even a tiny amount could kill you. Fishing and trapping is an option if you have the time and patience. Add some energy bars, emergency food, trail mix, etc., to your grab bag as well. 

Learn how to use a compass and a map before disaster strikes. Your phone’s GPS might not work in an emergency, and your battery could die, you might not have reception, etc. Do not rely on your electronic devices; rather, learn your area and make sure your map is covered in a waterproof film. 


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