Seven Ways to Heat your Home in an Emergency

January 12, 2022

The cold weather peak has arrived; preparing your home for emergency heating is essential. Knowing what to do and how to prepare for cold weather is imperative in keeping you and your family safe and warm without a heat source.

  1. Hand Warmers: These small, portable warmers are a quick and easy way to protect your vulnerable extremities. Don’t succumb to frostbite; grab some hand warmers to get toasty.
  2. Kerosene Heaters: Though smelly, kerosene heaters are a fantastic heat source. They do not require electricity or wires and have been used for centuries to warm people up.
  3. Power Sources: Consider installing a generator or other source of alternative energy to power your furnace or other heating source such as electrical heaters. During emergencies, a generator might be essential to your survival.
  4. Camping Stove: A double-whammy, these can be used to make food and also heat the room. Camping cooking bags typically come with heat packs that can also produce instant heat when added to water.
  5. Gel Fuel Cans: These are generally for one-time use but can help provide heat in emergencies.
  6. Easy Insulation: One of the simplest tricks to contain heat in a home is to add insulation to the designated heating room. Add blankets to vents, windows, and ensure everyone stays in the same room for warmth.
  7. Wood Stoves: These can be used for heat during emergencies, but make sure you have enough firewood to use as fuel.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: