How a Snow Cave Could Save Your Life

January 27, 2022

You might think it is substantially easier to find shelter in warm weather, but did you know snow caves can actually protect you in chilly, frigid temperatures? Snow caves can be excellent shelters and are generally made from deep snow, usually at the bottom of a hill.

Despite being freezing cold inside, snow caves are usually warmer than outside air temperatures, especially when considering windchill. If built correctly, a snow cave can sustain significantly warmer temperatures inside when compared to the exterior.

Snow caves can be intelligently constructed with an entrance tunnel leading to a small chamber with a domed roof. The chambers are usually big enough for two to four people and can showcase snow “benches” built into the floor.

To keep warm air in the dome, the roof is kept as low as possible, allowing it to support heavy snow weight from above. It is best to ensure the chamber is built on a slight incline compared to the entrance. When heat is trapped inside, the slight elevation helps it stay contained rather than floating down to the floor and escaping through the entrance tunnel.

Snow caves are wonderful insulators, maintaining a significantly higher temperature than outdoor temperatures, and can also prevent windburn.

Proper winter clothing is still required to maintain comfort within a snow cave. Keep survival kits with sleeping bags, gloves, blankets, ground pads (yoga mat), etc., to get the most warmth you can out of the cave.

When snow falls, it’s imperative to know how to construct a snow cave if you run into an emergency.

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