Europeans Stock Up on Survival Gear

April 14, 2022

Due to concerns over the crisis in Ukraine, Europeans are flocking to stores in droves to stock up on survival gear such as sleeping bags, camping cookers, canned, dehydrated, and freeze-dried food. Some of the purchases will be donated to Ukrainian refugees, while others are hoarded due to widespread fear of supply shortages or future conflict.

According to a spokesperson, in a Swedish hardware store, products such as plastic cans, camping gear, batteries, flashlights, solar chargers, etc., skyrocketed sixfold in the past two weeks.

The representative stated, “It’s clear that people want to be prepared for crises. The biggest increase is for products recommended to have at home during a crisis are radios.”

Grocery store sales noted an increase in purchases of milk powder, pasta, grains, and canned foods by more than 20 percent, according to Ica Gruppen, a Swedish grocer.

Various Ukrainian organizations are swooping up the products to send overseas, while some consumers are shopping for themselves.

Jimmy Bakker, an employee at Dumpstore Amsterdam, an outdoor supplier said, “When the war broke out, people were buying emergency blankets, emergency food rations, radios, and stoves. Last week, people rented vehicles, and they were going to drive to Ukraine to hand out there.”

Poland has taken in more than half of the three million Ukrainian refugees, and its convenience stores reflect the influx. The chain Zabka reported higher sales of canned goods, rice, groats, bottled water, etc., in certain regions.

Rossmann, a popular Polish drug store, has also been selling out of wet wipes, gels, soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, and the like.

175,000 Ukrainian refugees have been registered in Germany thus far, sparking sales of sleeping bags and mats from a popular sports chain called Decathlon.

Dimitar Margaritov, Chairman of Bulgaria’s Consumer Protection Commission, said, “We live in difficult times, but at the moment there is no room for panic.”


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