Campfire Cooking Tips

April 29, 2021
Campfire Cooking Tips

With spring and summer quickly approaching, the campfire-cooking season is almost upon us. Before you get your marshmallows and chocolate bars out, try cooking a chunk of bread or potatoes first.

Here are some great food items you can easily cook over a campfire:

Bread, Kebobs, hotdogs, corn-on-the-cob, muffins, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, bacon, and more!

Okay, you know what to cook, but just how do you cook it? Here are some tips.

  • Cut, slice, and dice as much as you can at home. Any food preparation that can be done ahead of time should be.
  • Make sure you are prepared with the right tools. Remember, this isn’t your standard grill. The open flames might char some foods more than others due to higher fat contents, so be ready with some extra-long tongs and other fireproof cooking materials.
  • Ensure your flame doesn’t fizzle out quickly. Build your campfire with enough wood to get the fire roaring and enough extra wood to keep it going once it starts to slow down.
  • Choose a safe area to light your flame without overhead wires, trees, branches, roof overhangs, etc.
  • Don’t cook on top of open flames. If using a wire or mesh grill on top of the campfire, try to keep your food away from direct flames, which could result in burnt casualties.
  • Flip your food periodically, ensuring a nice, even cooking distribution is taking place.
  • Avoid pouring olive (or any other type of) oil directly on your food while it’s over the campfire. Fire and oil can cause large sparks or higher flames.
  • Make sure you can extinguish your fire when you are done whether it’s with water, sand, dirt, or any other non-flammable material. Never leave a campfire to sizzle out on its own overnight.

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