Winter Survival Skills All Children Should Have

December 21, 2021

For kids, winter usually means sliding down hills in sleds, building snowmen, bright pink cheeks, and wiping cold snot from their noses – all the usual cold-weather fun! However, when disaster strikes, what skills should children possess to ensure their survival?

Children should know how to adequately layer up in cold weather, what to do if they are lost or in danger, and how to find food, shelter, water, and warmth. While these might sound like basic skills, many kids do not have this knowledge in their repertoire.

Basic winter survival kits can be helpful for children who get lost or isolated outdoors. Make sure kids know what to do with each item if they ever find themselves in an emergency. Here’s what to put inside the kits for youth:

Survival is, overall, based on making good choices. When trying to explain survival situations to children, it’s best to communicate it through a story or an example they can relate to.

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: