Types of Emergency Shelters

February 24, 2023

Emergency shelters are typically built during a catastrophic event and aren’t planned out too far in advance. Depending on the situation, it’s important to devise a plan to craft a shelter that can protect you from whatever circumstances arise while using the least amount of time and energy possible. 

To start building an emergency shelter, collect materials and use whatever you can find to create a refuge between you and the elements. Look for large objects that can be propped up with sticks or poles to provide a solid roof or shade. Make use of whatever you have in your bug-out bag, as well. 

You can create several different types of emergency shelters with four main components: support structure, cover, insulation, and flooring. Some examples include: 

This type of shelter resembles a tipi as the frame is made up of sticks, then covered and insulated by another material. Ensure there is enough room to sit up straight inside.

Snow Pit
When there is heavy snowfall, utilize the insulation it can provide by creating an igloo-type of hut. These shelters can actually be quite warm, as snow is an extremely effective insulator.  

These shelters are added to an existing foundation, so the rafters are “leaning” against a wall. Though it provides minimal protection from wind, it is a quick build and can reflect heat well. 

Canvas Shade
When rain falls, canvas can protect you from getting wet. It is also beneficial for blocking wind and sun. Military-style ponchos can sometimes double as a shade, as they have grommets at the edges for this specific purpose. 

When seeking shelter, don’t overlook caves, either. Keep an eye out for wild animals and stay just far enough inside so you will be safe from the elements. 

Whichever shelter you construct, remember that function is the utmost important factor in the building process. 


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