Six Reasons Why Landlines are Better for Emergencies

January 27, 2021
land line phone

Corded telephones are rapidly losing popularity, especially as technology has improved in recent years, giving way to a more portable – and practical – way to communicate via cell/smartphones. Only 40 percent of Americans still have a landline. However, in emergencies, landlines are way more secure and safe.

Power Outages: Landlines are more reliable during power outages. Though smartphones work when the power is out, they are unlikely to have service if the cellphone towers lose power. During Hurricane Sandy, roughly one-fourth of all nearby cellphone towers lost service. Many towers don’t have battery backup, but these typically have no more than four to six hours’ worth of power before the service is restored. Landlines will often store power for a week or more.

GPS: Landlines give off more reliable GPS coordinates, as they are tied directly to your address. As soon as you call 911, the emergency dispatcher knows exactly where you are calling from. Cellphones give locations, but not specific addresses.

Security: Landlines are more secure compared to cellphones, and they better protect your privacy. Conversations through cordless or cellphones can be intercepted by using a basic baby monitor, or an eaves-dropping device. Corded phones help reduce the risk of identity fraud.

Batteries: Landlines do not require charging as cellphones do. Some smartphones last only 24 hours or so (much less with heavy use), so without a way to charge your phone, you won’t have access to outside contact.

Reliability: Landlines have been around for decades, and as such, are a tried-and-true form of communication. Unlike smartphones, which are known to regularly fail due to hardware, software, or other factors, landlines are relatively stable. Without a computer interface to worry about, the mechanics of landlines are much more reliable.

Stability: Landlines don’t rely on “service” or reception like cellphones do; people often worry about the call dropping or the classic “I can’t hear you” due to spotty reception. With landline calls, the audio is much more crisp, clear, and stable in general.

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