Seasonal Bug Out Bags

August 25, 2021
Seasonal Bug Out Bags

Preppers are serious about being prepared. After all, the root word implies those who are prepping are gearing up for something serious. Whether it be a global catastrophe, pandemic, natural disaster, economic collapse, you name it, preppers are ready for whatever materializes.

Most will readily combat these calamities with help from a Bug Out Bag (BOB), packed to the brim with essential survival items. Rather than using a gigantic BOB that might be chocked full of unnecessary winter gear in the summer, or vice-versa, a more efficient solution would be to re-pack in the spring and fall seasons. Additionally, another option is to have two separate bags ready to go for either summer (hot) or winter (cold) weather.

Some of the hot weather gear you might want to fill your BOB with include:

Cold weather gear to fill your BOB could include:

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