Making Emergency Calls Without a Signal

June 23, 2021

Modern smartphones are technological marvels that encompass various tools and lifesaving functionality into a pocket-sized object. Through the years, smartphones have enabled people to place phone calls to emergency services during crises. This lifesaving functionality is available to anyone who holds a cell phone throughout much of the developed world.

Smartphones in North America are serviced by cellular network providers. These companies use cell phone towers to provide service to their clientele. The cell towers interact with smartphones when calls are placed. Network providers do not have to own the tower; they sometimes rent services from tower owners. This ensures cell phones are recognized and have permission to interact with a network through different towers.

Each tower between placed cell phone calls is utilized to transmit a signal between one cell phone to another. Whether it’s a text message or phone call, cell phone transmissions are vital for bringing them to life. As long as the cell phone is recognized by the cell tower and authorized for use, it will have service.

When a cell phone shows “no signal” or zero bars, it is an indication that your network is not connected to a nearby tower. Most people think this is because no towers are near the vicinity; however, it simply means your network is not allowed to transmit to the closest tower.

In normal circumstances, this “no service” situation is typically based on what you pay for. In emergencies, it is imperative to circumvent those factors and access the nearest cell phone tower – regardless of whether your provider has a deal with the tower.

If you find yourself in an emergency with no cell service, don’t panic. All you need to do is press the emergency call button on your phone’s lock screen or dialer interface. If you are presented with a keypad, press 911. On some smartphones, you can just press “call” (after pressing the emergency call button), and you will be connected to emergency services immediately.

You can take comfort knowing that emergency calls will be connected. No matter the network, carrier, or tower owner, your phone will be able to contact emergency services without a signal.

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