Layering Clothing in Cold Weather

November 24, 2021

Cold, frigid air is heading our way. If you find yourself in a chilly survival situation, it’s crucial to regulate your body temperature before executing other tasks. Exposure to freezing temperatures combined with windchill can freeze you solid.

To keep your body dry and warm, layering is essential. This simple yet effective process will keep a moisture-wicking layer against your body while ensuring warm air is trapped between a light, fluffy layer. A weatherproof outer layer will also be valuable in minimizing wind and snow.

Cold weather can quickly saturate your body, especially when you are in harsh environments. The most natural reaction people have when it comes to being cold is to get warm immediately. If you overdo it, however, you could start to sweat, which causes wet skin. Wet clothing or skin exposed to cold temperatures will make you susceptible to rapid freezing. Frostbite and other conditions can easily set in before you realize it.

Choose three different types of materials for your base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer. Base layers should be a modern synthetic fabric or merino wool. Avoid cotton as it saturates quickly and takes a long time to dry. For the mid-layer, consider a lightweight, fluffy material that is mainly responsible for trapping air, warmed by your body heat, to keep you warm. Synthetic blends or wool are good options, and again, avoid cotton. Outer layers are the shell between your body and the elements. Choose a heavy  jacket that will block wind, precipitation, and is waterproof.

It might go without saying, but don’t forget hats, gloves, boots, etc. Look for hats with flaps to cover your ears. Ensure your boots have room for a second layer of socks.

Regulate your body temperature through layering, and you will notice a difference when outdoors. In extreme situations, layering could make a difference between survival or death.

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