Five Methods for Collecting Emergency Water

April 29, 2022

Water is vital for life: not just ours, but for plants and animals, too. In survival situations, water is critical to locate and stockpile, as it is one of our most basic necessities. In circumstances where clean, running tap water is not available, it’s necessary to gather emergency water and have a plan of action.  

Before you scoff and say, “I have plenty of bottled water,” hear us out. Bottled water isn’t adequate; it will eventually run out much faster than anticipated. Water is used for drinking, yes, but it’s also used in cooking, hygiene, and more. There is a solution to replenishing your water supply…read on for the list.

  1. Containers: buckets, pails, pans, etc., are wonderful for trapping and storing emergency water. In an open area, place the container outside while it rains to collect fairly clean, drinkable water. After collecting the water, ensure the container can be tightly sealed to prevent contamination. 
  1. Umbrellas: in lieu of a hard container, flip an umbrella upside-down and gather rainwater that way. You can either use it as a funnel to point toward the container or into another vessel, such as a plastic bag or a more flimsy material that wouldn’t stand up on its own to collect water. 
  1. Whole-House System: built into a home’s gutters, these systems utilize the large surface area of the roof to collect huge amounts of rainwater in a short period. Rain barrels are popular for whole-house water collection and require little- to no maintenance.
  1. Melt Ice or Snow: if you look up to the sky and see snowflakes instead of raindrops, have no fear, you can still gather potable water. Collect ice or snow in clean containers and bring them inside to melt. 
  1. Bodies of Water: seek out rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, or other large bodies of water to gather emergency hydration. Ensure you use water filter systems to remove contaminants, as water that has already hit the ground can be tainted with dissolved solids and harmful microbes. 

Ready to start collecting emergency water? The earlier, the better. When prepping for any emergency, water should be at the top of your list. It’s undoubtedly an essential aspect of survival, so make sure you know where you’re going to get it from if need be. 


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