Essential Tips for Subsistence Hunting

December 9, 2022

Survival hunting, also known as subsistence hunting, is, simply put, hunting to live. Though it is dwindling as a lifestyle, subsistence hunting is an essential skill for survival. Animal fats and proteins must be eaten regularly in extreme conditions to avoid energy draining during inclement weather or increased metabolism. 

The most abundant and easily huntable wild animals in the wilderness include small game, fish, reptiles, and the like. While all mammals and birds can be eaten, they should be cooked thoroughly to kill any microorganisms in the meat. It’s also important to eat – not avoid – fat; otherwise, your body cannot process the protein. A tasty source of fat is skin and fatty internal organs such as the liver or brain. 

To trap small animals, it’s imperative to understand their daily and seasonal movements, diet, and size. Traps are only helpful if you know their habits, and snares can scare them away if not used with precision. 

Fish are a fantastic option for subsistence hunting since they can be harvested in many ways and prepared in various methods. Traps, spears, nets, bows, and primitive rods can catch fish. Some options are more passive than others, allowing you to do other activities while the fish are caught. 

Reptiles and amphibians need to be skinned before being eaten since many amphibians have toxins in their outer layer. Harvesting can be accomplished with a spear, bow, hook and feather, or smashed. Reptiles and amphibians are most active at night.

Invertebrates such as insects, crustaceans, and mollusks are also food options, though they don’t always come to the top of mind when we think about food options. High in protein, many can be gathered in nets or scooped off the ground by hand. Worms and grubs can be found under rotten wood. Crayfish can be easily trapped or pulled out from under rocks. All should be thoroughly cooked, as they can transmit deadly parasites and diseases. 

Wild meat is abundant outdoors and can be a delicious and sustainable fuel source. In survival situations, small mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates are an excellent way to gain subsistence.

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