Drought Readiness

August 11, 2022

Reduced rainfall is common throughout much of the United States, with some places experiencing drought more so than others. Are you prepared for drought conditions or know how to adjust your lifestyle if necessary? Keep reading for some general guidelines regarding drought readiness. 

The best way to prepare for a drought is to conserve water on a daily basis so that when an actual drought occurs, your water use patterns are not affected as drastically. 

  • If you need to dispose of water, think twice before pouring it down the drain. If you can re-use it to water plants, for example, do so. 
  • Leaky faucets should be replaced or repaired by a plumber. 
  • Add flow restrictors on faucets to reduce the amount of water coming out. 
  • Select more energy-efficient appliances that use less water. 
  • Use a low-volume toilet in the restroom, which will use about half the amount of water compared to older models.
  • Steer clear of decorative outdoor water features unless they are using recirculated water.
  • Consider implementing rain barrels and connect a hose to water outdoor plants.
  • Use a drought-resistant lawn seed to ensure grass holds soil moisture.
  • Keep water bottles on hand to use in emergencies. 

Drought Conditions
Contact your state or local government to learn your specific water restrictions during a drought. Generally, the recommendations below will help lower your water usage. 

  • Avoid unnecessarily flushing the toilet; tissues, insects, and other waste can be thrown in a garbage can as an alternative.
  • Utilize showers rather than baths and turn the water off while lathering. 
  • While brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face, avoid letting the water run.
  • Run laundry machines or dishwashers only when completely full, or set the water level based on the specific size of your load. 
  • Defrost meat or frozen food in the refrigerator or microwave to avoid using hot water. 
  • Water your lawn sparingly in the early morning or later in the day when temperatures are cooler. 
  • Use a commercial car wash instead of a hose at home.

If you are concerned about droughts, participate in local meetings about water conservation. Also, consider campaigning your government to practice better water management. Strive to promote water-efficient devices and practices in municipal buildings and offices. 

Droughts can be a serious situation for many people. Even if a drought hasn’t affected you, be prepared for the worst and stay vigilant regarding your water consumption.

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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: https://www.cpsmi.com/