Common Household Items Used for Survival

March 25, 2022

Having a complete survival kit in your home can bring you peace of mind, but did you know your house already holds lots of life-saving tools? You’d be surprised just how valuable your everyday items can be in a pinch from the kitchen to the bathroom. So, if you want to be prepared for whatever comes next, let’s look at some common household items you can use for survival.

  • Duct tape: As one of the most versatile tools, duct tape has countless uses. A person can repair clothing, structures, tools, and more. Another great use is to waterproof your shoes. Alternatively, you could use the tape as a rope or assist in building a shelter.
  • Nail polish: Nail polish is a flammable product that can help you start fires quickly. A great alternative use can be to seal holes in tents and tarps or as paint to color-code your tools.
  • Coconut oil: Self-care will still be necessary at the end of the world, and this is where coconut oil comes in. It can be used as a moisturizer for your skin or as an energy booster when you drink it. You can use it for cooking and healing small knicks and cuts.
  • Dental floss: Dental floss is pretty strong and can be used in nearly any situation you would need string in a crisis. Use dental floss to create a fishing pole or tripwire. You can use it to tie items together or stitch up a wound.
  • Pantyhose: A durable, stretchy, and lightweight material, pantyhose makes for a great food bag or fishing net.
  • Salt: Use salt to preserve your food, melt snow, or help remove rust from pots and pans.

Unexpected emergencies can happen at any time and any place. Even the most well-prepared individual can find themselves without proper survival equipment. Adapting to the supplies you already have in your home with some basic survival knowledge can give you an advantage over others and could someday even save your life. 

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Written by the digital marketing staff at Creative Programs & Systems: