Big Game Hunter Survival Tips

October 11, 2022

Unexpected situations can creep up anywhere – especially while hunting in the fall season. Every year, countless hunters get lost or disoriented, resulting in dangerous conditions such as hypothermia or other health hazards. Most hunters make it out alive, but deep woods hazards should not be taken lightly. Prepare for the unexpected by reviewing our checklist below. 

Know The Area
It’s imperative to be extremely familiar with the landscape you are hunting in. Pay attention to your surroundings including rivers, creeks, and significant trees. If you are on a trail, leave temporary markers at intersections so you can easily find your way back. When reversed, the area can look different, especially in the dark. 

Extreme Weather
If it’s raining, foggy, snowing, or showing signs of poor visibility, the landscape will change in mere minutes. You can easily get lost or turned around in cold, wet weather, so make sure you have the proper gear and clothing to account for extreme weather changes. 

Map + Compass VS GPS + Cell Phones
There are obviously pros and cons to each of these, but the lesson here is not to rely solely on one or the other. While electronic devices can fail due to dead batteries or malfunction, maps and compasses can become wet and ruined or rendered illegible. Not to mention, you need to be trained on how to use them. 

Build a Fire
Carry matches, a lighter, or another fire-starting device that is weatherproof and capable of working in any condition. Never leave a fire unattended, but utilize the warmth if necessary. 

Ensure your loved ones know where you are at all times, and set a deadline to alert the authorities if you haven’t returned. If you have a hunting partner, do the same for them.

Light the Path
Flashlights or headlamps are invaluable for hunters and can be handy for a variety of purposes.  

Food, Shelter, and Warmth
While a human can survive days without food, staying warm and hydrated is more critical. If you are out longer than anticipated, commercial survival kits can provide nourishment when you need it.

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